Uniform of a soldier

June 26, 2015 admin 0

The eyes have moistened; for months And years too shall pass; will pass Without a shot of the red ball into the glass pane; Evenings […]

Just for 999

June 26, 2015 admin 0

Let me tell you a secret, she whispered into his ears: When you’re too young to understand logic, they’ll tell you you’re made of magic. […]

The Theatre of Mahesh Dattani

June 26, 2015 admin 0

28th March 2015, Saturday. The book launch of ‘The Theatre of Mahesh Dattani’ edited and compiled by Mohini Khot and released by renowned playwright Mahesh […]

Strangers On The Shore

June 26, 2015 admin 0

17th February 2015, Tuesday. A dramatic evening of words and music ‘Strangers on the Shore’ is Randhir Khare’s fifth novel. It deals with the tender, […]

Fallen, Standing

June 26, 2015 admin 0

21st March 2015, Saturday. ‘Fallen Standing – My life as a schizophrenist’ was launched at Gyaan Adab. Written by Reshma Valliappan, founder-director of Mind Arcs […]

The Natural Choice

June 19, 2015 admin 0

The setting sun battles valiantly against the moon and her countless twinkling hordes. His retreat is slow and stubborn. The silver queen grows impatient. Her […]